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Buttercream Cake Painting Workshop

Join Julie Deffense of Julie Deffense Artistry at USF Culinary Innovation Lab's beautiful facilities in Lakewood Ranch, FL for a one-day course and learn how to paint a cake using buttercream frosting, a spatula and an oil painting technique!

Palette knife painting is an expressive, textured form of painting, traditionally done with oil based paint on canvas or wood using the blade of a palette knife. I’m all about cake, why not do it in buttercream instead?! It’s super trendy and a lot of fun!



No experience necessary, palette knife painting is beautiful but imperfect. Free-form, a little messy and modern. I’ll teach you how to make the buttercream, mix colors, and create different types of brush strokes and accents. Once the teaching segment is done, you will get to apply what you’ve learned to your own cake!

During the workshop each student will decorate their own three-tier cake. The bottom two tiers will be styrofoam “dummies”, the top tier will be an actual edible cake. You will learn how to put together the cake, crumb coat it, stack it and then frost and decorate.

At the end of the workshop you may take your creation home with you to share with family and friends. (if you are traveling and would like to take just the top tier with you please let me know in advance so I can have a smaller box ready for you).

You will learn how to:

- make swiss meringue buttercream
- assemble a cake tier
- stack and dowel a cake
- color mixing techniques
- color theory/composition
- palette knife painting techniques
- final touches

Course hours will be:
10am to 6:00pm, Sunday January 19th, 2020
(Due to the nature of the work involved, end time may vary.)


We will work with styrofoam dummies as well as real cake, so that you may take your cake home with you. All materials will be supplied during the course. A cardboard box will be provided for each cake at the end of the workshop. 

Casual coffee break will be served (included) during the day. Class will break for lunch and students are welcome to bring their lunch or go out (there are a variety of restaurants and cafes on Main St.).

Upon completion of all techniques, students will receive a certificate from Julie Deffense Artistry.

Places are limited to 15 and tickets based on availability. Tickets are per person and are $250 (including tax).

No experience necessary, just creativity and a sweet tooth!

WHERE: USFSM Culinary Innovation Lab, Main St, Lakewood Ranch, FL.
WHEN: Sunday January 19th from 10am to 6:00pm.
TICKETS: $250 (incl taxes and fees) per student.

A light snack and refreshments will be provided. We will break for 1 hour for lunch; students may bring their lunch or go out. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the beginning of class.


SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Please bring an apron to wear during the workshop, and we suggest wearing sneakers or other comfortable, closed toe shoes.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Due to health and safety regulations, students are requested to neatly tie back long hair at all times. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the classroom, with the exception of using the camera function. Videos are strictly prohibited.

TOOLS; EQUIPMENT & INGREDIENTS: Julie Deffense Artistry will provide students with all required tools, equipment and ingredients during the workshop. All tools and equipment remain property of Julie Deffense Artistry and must be returned at the end of the workshop unless otherwise stated. Certain items will be available for purchase directly from Julie at the end of the workshop.

FINAL PROJECT TRANSPORTATION: Julie Deffense Artistry will provide a box for each student's wedding cake project, however students are responsible for bringing any type of other packaging/baggage.