It's always been a dream of mine to have my own collection of cake stencils, and now this dream has come true, thanks to the awesome team at Evil Cake Genius. I am SO proud to announce the launch of my stencil designs for Evil Cake Genius, this is just the beginning! Below you'll find photos, videos and links to my Embroidered Lace Stencil Collection and Vine Stencil Collection. Stay tuned, this summer we will be adding more and they're going to be incredible..!

Here are some adapted highlights of what they've had to say about my collection on their site, you can view all of it by clicking on this link

The Julie Deffense Stencil Collection

Her style is as romantic and timeless as the city of Lisbon itself. That is precisely why the Evil Cake Genius is in love with everything this woman creates.

My Embroidered Lace Stencil collection is the most intricately detailed Acrylic Lace Stencil they've ever made!

You can see each tiny zig zag of embroidery on each lace shape.  And to round it out, I added a matching lace pattern that has a perfect little oval frame cut out of it to accommodate a monogram.  Not just any monogram,though!  I've designed a modern monogram especially for the look, and you can order the stencil with any two letter combination you like.  I've overpiped the monogram in the photo for added texture, but the stenciled monogram is beautiful and elegant even without the added effort.

Speaking of Monograms...

This is BIG!  My new Vine Monogram Stencil Set by Julie Deffense includes two sweet little vine pattern frames and 26 letter stencils so that you can create your own custom monogram on any cake or cookie!  Can we get a Hallelujiah?!?!

Here's a little video of Evil Cake Genius trying out my monogram stencil for the first time.

In addition to this awesome monogram set, I've also designed three matching vine pattern stencils that are sweeter than pastéis de nata (portuguese custard tarts, yum!). This way you can make your own stunning multi tiered cakes with these complimentary patterns. 

Love these?  Stay tuned!!  Wedding season is just beginning!  We have more stencils to add to my collection, so check back with me and Evil Cake Genius to see what's new from time to time.

Shop HERE for all the Julie Deffense Artistry Stencil Collections!

I hope you love them as much as I do!! And don't forget to check out all the other cool stuff Evil Cake Genius has on their site!